At the end of the semester, the Pepsi Scholars attended the Collegiate Leadership Competition for the second year in a row. Our twelve students were split into two teams and were asked to try their best on a series of leadership activities that challenged different skills and knowledge. On Friday, April 12, the students piled into a van and traveled to Oxford, Ohio, ready to compete in the competition with students from across the country and the state.

In order to prepare for the Collegiate Leadership Competition, the students went through twelve weeks of programming that focused on leadership skills like problem-solving, conflict management, and leadership styles. Through a series of lessons and activities, the students developed their confidence in these different leadership skills and were asked to put them into action each week. While training, the students also had the chance to compete against each other and give each other feedback in order to grow throughout each week and activity.

At the competition, the students were given a variety of tasks that challenged their knowledge and practice of leadership. In the morning, the students were asked to watch clips from the film Fyre and identify leadership skills in the real world experiences within that move. The students were also asked to practice their best professional pitch in front of various employers. Finally, in the afternoon, the students tackled three more tasks that challenged their communication.

While the students did not place at the competition, they all commented on the growth they experienced throughout the entire semester. Many remarked on the skills they were able to learn, including the correct way to approach problem-solving and how to adjust their leadership style to include others. It is safe to say that the curriculum and the design of this program made an impact on our students.


Written by Kendra Lutes, Graduate Assistant for Special Projects at the CLDC

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