As last year’s Pepsi Scholars begin their first semester as Pepsi Alumni, we invite the newest class to begin their journey as scholars. It is a unique experience to jump from discussing legacies and leaving marks with one group to learning what the new groups top strengths are. Both groups have had exciting beginnings and ends to their programs and leave the scholars group proud of all of our students!

Last year’s scholars had the chance to set a legacy project and make goals around a project of passion for them. Scholars set goals on topics ranging from student organizations and taking on leadership positions to advocating for minoritized students through difficult conversations. One student in particular has already completed her legacy project. By encouraging another scholarship group on campus to incorporate community service, she was able to implement a new project with her peers!

As last year’s scholars go into the university community and work to make a difference through their strengths, our new scholars are embarking on the journey to learn their strengths. In the coming weeks, the 12 new students will engage in strength building workshops including StrengthsQuest. By learning about their individual strengths, the students will also learn about each other’s strengths. An important part of being a leader is understanding when to lead and when to follow based on the strengths of the people around you; our scholars will begin this process through the workshops and activities they complete as a team!

Finally, our new scholars will begin training for the Collegiate Leadership Competition. Last year was the first year that we participated in the competition and our students will begin practicing to compete against other schools in the state of Ohio. From team retreats to practice activities, our scholars will work to strategize and learn from each other in order to be most successful at the competition.

An exciting semester lies ahead for our scholars and their role as leaders on campus! Stay tuned to this blog to learn more of their practice and leadership development.

By Kendra Lutes, Graduate Assistant for Special Projects at the CLDC

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