Major: Sociology-Criminology Major with a Communications Minor
Year: Senior
Expected Graduation: December 2018
Hometown: Beaver, PA
Involvement on Campus: I am a Learning Community Leader, a member of the University Hearing Board and a student worker at the Undergraduate Students Affairs office. I was also a part of the College Achievement Program. I have also studied abroad in Toledo, Spain through the Ohio University Office of Global Opportunities.

How did you choose Ohio University?

Of course, I thought the campus was beautiful, but it was also the perfect size. I never wanted to go to a super small school, but I didn’t want to feel anonymous either. Ohio University was the perfect size and I felt like it was a good distance from home that if I needed to go home I could do so in a few hours. My choice was definitely the right one!

How did you choose your major, and what excites you most about it?

I chose my major during my freshman year because I have always been interested in the criminal justice system, how it functions and how people are prosecuted based on an action. I have an interest in why people may commit the acts they do because I do not believe that anyone is born being an inherently bad person. I have had a couple of internships, but I can’t picture myself in any of the roles that my internships have exposed me to. What has been so great about my major is that I do not have a limit on the things I can do. Yes, I might eventually go into a role more associated with my major. However, for now I will be going into a more business-related position.

Have you ever used career or leadership training services on campus (e.g., taken a career class, gone to the CLDC, met with a career or leadership coach, etc.)?

I am currently taking COMS 2040, an interviewing course with Aaron Sturgill at the CLDC that has been preparing me for when I get out into the professional field. I have gone to the CLDC many times, especially this year to get help looking over my resume and completing a mock interview and career coaching, which have all helped me land my job post-graduation. The CLDC has always been a tool for me when it comes to selling myself through my resume and professional skills. I was able to finish the Professional Leadership Certificate through the office as well.

Have you taken on any leadership roles or gone through leadership training at OHIO? If so, please describe.

Yes, I have been a Learning Community Leader for the past two years now. This role requires a lot of planning and organizing in order to plan events that fits every student’s schedule. Even though the work can be a challenge, it is a fun challenge, especially knowing that freshmen know less than you would think just starting out in college. Considering this role has a lot of moving parts, they always have an all-day training to prepare you for what you might face as an LCL. It is the most efficient way to get the information out in a clear and concise manner.

Tell us about one of your most significant career development experiences at OHIO.

For me, my most significant career development experience has to be from taking CAS 2402X: From campus to career success with Professor Alan McMillan. The professor has taught me so much about building my personal network and my personal brand to find a career path that best suits me. I attribute much of my success finding a career to this professor and course because I used many of the skills he taught us. I have a contact repository for my professional contacts, a job search radar, a few financial budgeting apps, a LinkedIn profile and a professional email separate from my school email. All of these things have been a major help to me and have kept everything organized for me.

What is your favorite thing about being a Bobcat?

The pride. I love that when you are a Bobcat, you are truly a Bobcat. Other Bobcats respect and love that they are a part of a university that has provided so much opportunity to grow and prosper.

What advice would you give to your fellow Bobcats?

Be your exceptional self. I have heard this before and it stuck with me. If you are just your average self on a day-to-day you won’t achieve the things you strive for in the most efficient way. You want to go into your day and build your brand, and you cannot do that when you are less than your exceptional self.

What would you like to do once you graduate?

I have a job lined up starting January 2019 as a Staffing Consultant for Beacon Hill Staffing Group in the Technologies Division in their Columbus office. I am super excited to move out to Columbus and start my new role. I know it will be a challenge, but one that I am ready to take on because I feel like Ohio University has provided me with the tools I need to be great in any position that I choose.

Interview conducted by Hannah Schuller, CLDC Content Marketing Intern

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