Major: Business Management and Strategic Leadership
Year: Senior
Expected Graduation: May 2019
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Involvement on Campus: Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Ohio University Entrepreneurs, Ohio University Astrology Club, Brookfield Kids Church volunteer

How did you choose Ohio University?

I actually originally wanted to attend Miami University! My sister went to Miami, and I already knew a bunch of her friends there. But, after touring OHIO’s campus, I immediately fell in love with it. I think the atmosphere in Athens is so different than most colleges. I really do believe you can be whoever you want to be here without feeling judged or ridiculed, which is so incredibly special.

How did you choose your major, and what excites you most about it?

Coming into college, I really had no idea what I wanted to major in or what I was genuinely interested in career-wise. My parents own their own business, so I have always been very inspired by them managing their own business and being their own bosses. I think the thing that excites me the most about being a management major is someday having the ability to use my power to influence others. I cannot wait to inspire and guide others as well as learn from those whom I am managing.

Have you ever used career or leadership training services on campus (e.g., taken a career class, gone to the CLDC, met with a career or leadership coach, etc.)?

I recently received both of my leadership certificates from the CLDC! I have become very familiar with the CLDC office in Baker and the services that they have to offer. I have participated in a mock interview, three leadership coaching meetings and a career coaching meeting.

Have you taken on any leadership roles or gone through leadership training at OHIO? If so, please describe.

Yes! My freshman year, I founded the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. I was the vice president my freshman year and the president my sophomore/half of junior year. It was really fun and I had the chance to meet a lot of great people.

Tell us about one of your most significant career development experiences at OHIO.

I think that my most significant career development experience at OHIO was attending my first career fair. I think that many students are very intimidated by the career fairs offered here, but they are not as intimidating as you think! Attending career fairs have the potential to open so many doors for you and your career, and you have the chance to meet so many great employers. Networking is the key to success!

What is your favorite thing about being a Bobcat?

My favorite thing about being a Bobcat is all of the opportunities that come with it. I think OHIO does a great job with giving students accessible resources to be successful like the CLDC, advising centers for each college, clubs/organizations, career fairs and much more. Bobcats also want other Bobcats to succeed, and in my mind, that is so incredibly valuable because the bond between OHIO students is so real and genuine.

What advice would you give your fellow Bobcats?

There are so many things that I would like to tell my fellow Bobcats! Now that I am a senior, I feel as if I have learned so many things throughout my time here at OHIO. I think that one thing I would advise is to take time finding yourself. I think that in college, it is so easy to get caught up in making new friends, doing well in school and staying involved in a million different clubs and organizations. Those things are incredibly important, but it’s equally important to spend time on yourself and to really discover who you are and what you want out of your life. Also, I would advise anyone who needs help with career related things to check out the CLDC! I wish I would have utilized what the CLDC had to offer my freshman, sophomore and junior year.

What would you like to do once you graduate?

I actually just accepted a full time position as a recruiter for Insight Global in Columbus! I am very excited to begin my journey in the staffing industry and experience everything that comes with it. I am very grateful for this opportunity and am so incredibly ready to show the world all that I have to offer.

Interview conducted by Hannah Schuller, CLDC Content Marketing Intern

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