Major: Management and Communications
Year: Senior
Expected Graduation: May 2019
Hometown: Twinsburg, OH
Involvement on Campus: In my sophomore year, I founded and became the president of OU Vibrations, which is a dance and yoga organization on campus. There are over 200 members involved.

How did you choose Ohio University?

My sister went here, and seeing how much she grew as a person and how much her fellow Bobcats inspired her made me want to experience the same thing.

How did you choose your major, and what excites you most about it?

My dream is to own a dance and yoga studio, and my major helps me learn the skills to do that. I have been dancing my whole life, and I want to be able to help people find an outlet for their stress and express themselves. As college students, we have a lot of stress, so I’m very passionate about helping people find that outlet. After recitals for OU Vibrations, I’ve had parents come up to me and thank me for helping their kid feel happy  and stress-free again. It makes me really happy that my organization has impacted people’s lives, so I want to continue doing that after graduation.

Have you ever used career or leadership training services on campus (e.g., taken a career class, gone to the CLDC, met with a career or leadership coach, etc.)?

The CLDC has helped me with my resume and taught me a lot about how to interview and communicate with others. I’ve also taken classes for the Strategic Leadership Certificate.

Tell us about one of your most significant career development experiences at OHIO.

I got a job as a dance teacher at Factory Street Studio in Athens through one of my professors. This was a really great opportunity that is helping me work toward my ultimate career goal, and I wouldn’t have known about it if my professor hadn’t connected with me about it. Connections are EVERYTHING and will help you get involved in what is exactly right for you.

What would you like to do once you graduate?

Like I said, I would love to open up a dance and yoga studio just like OU Vibrations to allow people to find that outlet that helps them lead a happier life. I’m so passionate about dance and helping people express themselves.

What is your favorite thing about being a Bobcat?

The people, environment and good energy. I have found so many friends here, and everyone is so helpful. There are so many good vibes around this campus.

What advice would you give to your fellow Bobcats?

Always keep an open mind and be open to new experiences. I’ve found myself in so many scenarios where I wasn’t sure about what I was doing, but I took the risk and it paid off.

Interview conducted by Hannah Schuller, CLDC Content Marketing Intern

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