The Career and Leadership Development Center at Ohio University has so many resources to help students with their career paths and professional development. The Handshake website helps students find jobs, search career events on campus and connect with students and professionals, but the app makes it easy for students to use all of these features on the go.

OHIO students can get the app and log in with their OHIO email address to get the same features they do online. The Handshake app is set up with a home screen that is personalized to what you may be interested in based on your profile. Tabs along the bottom are labeled as events, jobs, school and favorites, and they all bring up an easy access page with relevant information for you.

For You Tab
The home page on the Handshake app is very similar to the home page on the website – it includes jobs that are popular in your major, trending internships and different categories based on things you find important or have looked at before. You can also access your profile, messages and notifications from this page.

Events Tab
The events page on the app shows events at OHIO this month and allows you to scroll down and click on the events to join and learn more information.

Jobs Tab
The jobs tab is very helpful because of its number of filters and search options. You can search for jobs and internships in certain locations, certain categories, different industries and by pay level. Clicking on a position brings up job and company details along with a link to apply.

School Tab
This tab focuses on Ohio University’s specific uses with Handshake. You can look for on-campus interview sessions, sign up for appointments at the CLDC, take surveys related to appointments you have attended and view resources from the CLDC to help you write resumes and cover letters, prepare for mock interviews and make a four year plan.

Favorites Tab
The favorites tab helps you easily find jobs and collections you have liked throughout the app and come back to them.

Check out the Handshake app to help boost your career on your phone!

By Hannah Schuller, CLDC Content Marketing Intern

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