This fall, the 12 students that were selected as freshman to be a part of the Pepsi Scholars program will return for their final semester with the program. In the spring, the students focused on leadership and individual development by participating in workshops that grew their strength and collaboration as a team. Now, their attention is taking an external focus to the greater Athens community.

The Pepsi Scholars program is broken into four phases: establish, empower, effect and evolve. The scholars are kicking off the “effect” phase of the program by getting involved with various Athens organizations to volunteer their time and learn about the community.

Over the summer, students were tasked with identifying organizations around Athens that offered volunteer opportunities for students. Each scholar contacted organizations, researched their missions, and discovered the impact that nonprofits have on our incredible town. The scholars are now working together to narrow down the organizations and pursue the volunteer opportunities this semester.

Students have had the chance to work in groups and identify which non-profits they would want to work with and are now communicating with organizations across Athens to volunteer our time as a scholarship group. In addition to a volunteer day with Ronald McDonald House, Pepsi Scholars will be working with CASA/GAL, EcoReps, and Passion Works this semester. It is our goal to use our strengths as leaders to influence the community around us by giving our time to some amazing organizations!

More information about Pepsi Scholars can be found by visiting

By Kendra Lutes, Graduate Assistant for Special Projects at the CLDC


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