As a member of the Bobcat network, you have an exceptional opportunity to join Handshake, the ultimate career network for students.

Talent, meet opportunity.

The Handshake tagline speaks to their goal to “democratize opportunity” by expanding students’ networks to top companies around the world—including all the Fortune 500s. As of this writing, over 250k companies use Handshake to recruit talent—and the numbers continue to grow.

Handshake offers many exciting new features, including:

  • Personalized job recommendations based on your major and interests
  • An easy way to manage your on-campus interviews with top companies
  • Appointment scheduling with your career centers

Your profile is preloaded and ready to go.  Please log in at to fill out your profile and start searching for jobs and internship.

We’ll be getting the word out on campus over the next few weeks, so be on the lookout for the Handshake logo. hs-icon-yellow-lg

Want to sign up for Handshake, and win a raffle? Attend the Ice Cream Open House at the Career and Leadership Development Center on August 30th. 

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