Over the years, partnerships between university colleges and departments, external stakeholders and even student organizations, and the Career and Leadership Development Center have taken many forms. We have an engaged and enthusiastic team eager to create opportunities for student growth. From infusing our workshops into classes and events to hosting specialized events with employers, we’ve partnered with groups across campus to meet needs in unique and innovative ways.

Build career development into your programming

When Dr. Geneva Murray first joined the Bobcat Family to serve as Director of the Women’s Center, she reached out to the CLDC to learn about career development. Dr. Murray was seeking ways to build our services into a certificate she was creating for the Women’s Center. Since that time, leadership coaching and mock interviewing were built into the She Leads Ohio professional development and leadership program.

Erin Morgenstern, Assistant Director for Leadership at the CLDC, said these services encourage women, “to engage in leadership training, professional development and guidance in career development early in their college career.” These experiences prepare women to, “navigate the world in and outside of the classroom, to lead successful lives.”

The partnership between the Women’s Center and CLDC developed further, when CLDC connected Enterprise, a highly-engaged employer partner, with the Women’s Center. Enterprise contributed $4,000 to the Women’s Mentoring Program Scholarship Application, which enables student mentees to attend professional development opportunities.

“Enterprise places priority on hiring and promoting women into upper level management,” said Aaron Sturgill, Associate Director for Employer Relations with the CLDC. “They have a lot of internal, professional development programs for women in their company, and were really interested in this collaboration.”

Develop a networking event

In fall of 2017, the Cutler Scholars Program collaborated with CLDC to create a specialized event for their scholars. Through an initial outreach meeting with program director Dr. Margaux Cowden the CLDC learned about the program’s specific need to connect Scholars with nonprofit organizations offering internships and opportunities to complete service hours. Sturgill was then brought in to collaboratively develop a way to connect the scholars with nonprofit, employer partners.

In October of 2017, the CLDC hosted its annual Work That Matters: Nonprofit and Service Fair. This event brought dozens of nonprofit, government and service-based organizations to campus for a career fair open to all students. Before the fair began, employers attending Work That Matters were invited to a private luncheon with the Cutler Scholars.

“Feedback from employers who attended the luncheon, was that they found it beneficial to have access to these students in a small networking event. If employers are happy they will come back and that is beneficial for the entire university,” said Sturgill. “Next year we plan to extend this opportunity to further engage scholars across campus, such as the Pepsi Scholars based in our office.”

Pool your expertise to increase engagement

In fall 2016, International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS) and the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) collaborated with CLDC to host the first international student career planning event. Since then, this event became the International Student Career Planning Luncheon, which was hosted twice during the 2017–2018 academic year.

Regina Warfel from CLDC, Joshua Gory from ISFS and Tetyana Dovbynya from CAS, collaborated to create an interactive series of workshops covering career and leadership resources on campus, as well as guidance for obtaining and maintaining international work visas.

Both the fall and spring semester attendees were primarily graduate students, which sparked discussion about graduate student needs and led to a wave of follow-up, one-on-one appointments with each of the offices represented. It also resulted in an invitation for CLDC to present an overview of its services to Graduate Student Senate.

“I had a series of grad students come in for the first time who said they saw the GSS presentation, but I also met with returnees because they were reminded of the value of CLDC due to the presentation,” said Warfel.

From fall 2016 to fall 2017, the CLDC saw a 39% increase of career coaching appointments with international students, and a 92% increase of career coaching appointments with graduate students.

While each office was promoted through these outreach efforts, the most significant impact was that on students who benefited from the collaboration of three experts.

“Going forward, my hope is for the luncheon to become fully institutionalized,” said Warfel. “Regardless of whether Josh (Gory), Tetyana (Dovbynya) and I are still with our departments, this service should remain a constant for students.”

Partnerships with the CLDC are designed to benefit all offices involved by maximizing expertise and meeting the career development needs of all students. Connect with our office to begin planning for fall 2018.


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