This month we’ve decided to feature partnerships between the Career and Leadership Development Center and other departments on campus, organizations in the community, and more. So, instead of a traditional Bobcat Spotlight on a student, we decided to spotlight Jodi Pavol’s Career Strategies: Internship and Career Mapping (CAS 2130) class and their partnership with the Athens Community.

During this course, students completed a service learning project and many of these projects were sourced through Pavol reaching out to non-profits in Athens for the students to partner with.

“I collaborated with Julia Paxton of the Center for Campus and Community Engagement (CCCE) to learn about the best way to reach out to non-profit directors in the community,” Pavol said. “Ultimately, I wanted the students to make an impact in the community while gaining transferable career skills.”

Two of Pavol’s students in the class spoke about their experience completing these projects and how they benefited from the experience and benefited the community in the process.

Brooke Trader, a senior majoring in political science, worked with the Athens Area Mediation Service by assisting in the planning and execution of the 18th Annual Souper Bowl. She said she really enjoyed working on this project for the class and would definitely recommend it to other students.  

“This project allowed me to help this wonderful non-profit organization and the community in general,” Trader said. “It also helped me grow professionally and helped build my resume before graduation.”

Another student, Mackenzie White a freshman majoring in communications, worked with the Athens Child Advocacy Center to complete her learning service project. She felt that this partnership benefited her as well as the center.

“This partnership broadened my communication network and skills, and gave me an insight into how nonprofits are run in a small town like Athens,” White said. “I also think my work benefited the center because I was able to help with tasks that often require a lot of attention, which their employees may not have time for, due to their many roles and responsibilities.”

This class is a great example of how different departments on campus, students, and community organizations can come together to work on something that benefits all parties. The CLDC is very excited about continuing partnerships like this in the future and having a positive impact on all involved.

By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern

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