To take your mind off of the final week of classes and to make our graduating Bobcats a little bit sentimental, we’ve gathered up all our responses to an important question we’ve asked students and alumni all year: What’s your favorite part about being a Bobcat? We hope their answers bring a smile to your face and bring a little joy to your studying. Comment below or share your response to this question on social media. We would love to hear what your favorite part about being a Bobcat is!

image“My favorite thing is probably the people and how much pride they have in Ohio University. Anytime I meet someone when I’m at home or anywhere else that went here, there’s an immediate connection and I’ve never met a Bobcat that I didn’t like.”
— Kierstyn Hayden, Class of 2018

“When you meet other people that go to OU, everyone is just so excited and happy to meet you. I wore an OU sweatshirt when I was downtown in Cleveland and people were like ‘Yeah go Bobcats!’ I just think when you’re a Bobcat you gravitate toward other Bobcats and I think that’s cool.

Our campus is great too, I’m looking outside right now and I can see five different colors of trees and I’m living for it.”
— Mary Puzder, Class of 2019

“Even though so many things have changed on the campus, my experience there makes it feel perpetually unchanged. Like so many people have said, I always feel like I’m coming home when I come back to Athens.

I also love that anytime I run into anyone who has gone to OU and maybe I’m wearing my OU gear and they say, “Go Cats!” that it feels like we have an instant connection. Being a Bobcat means always having a second family that is spread across the country.”
— Stacie Ansel, Class of 1992

LaurenConradHeader“When they say we’re one big Bobcat family, they really mean it! I’d actually never heard of OU until last year when I started searching for schools to apply to. When I announced that I would be furthering my education here, all these family friends were so excited for me because it turned out they are OU alumni and I had no idea. It’s just exciting to know that Bobcats are all around me. It also seems that if you go to OU and you’re not from Ohio, you’re from Pittsburgh. So, it’s fun when I’m walking around Pittsburgh wearing my OU gear to hear that ‘OU!’ shout and I can respond with an ‘Oh yeah!’”
— Lauren Conner, Class of 2021

“My favorite part about being a Bobcat is that every day you have an opportunity to do something completely new. Athens is just a fresh start for your mentality and anything you want to change in your life.”
— Jeffrey Anzo

“My favorite thing is the environment and culture here. Ohio University is literally my home away from home. I’m not ever sad to come back here, I look forward to it. There are also just so many opportunities through different organizations and study abroad programs at OU. I just love being a Bobcat and the students here are unlike any other students.”
— Baileigh LaRue, Class of 2018

“I would have to say the sense of community. I had an experience during one of my internships where I injured my knee and I had to go to the hospital and get an MRI. I found out while I was there that my doctor graduated from Ohio University. As soon as I found that out and we made that connection, he really took care of my case and followed up with me, which was really nice.”
— Bethany Bella, Class of 2018

Image-3.png“You wouldn’t think that you would be able to find Bobcats at all these different companies and places, but the Bobcat network is huge. Everyone has always been kind-hearted, friendly and helpful which is amazing.”
— Simon Wang, Class of 202

“I feel a sense of pride when I come down to OHIO and Athens. When I talk to other people in college at different universities they just don’t seem to have the amount of love and admiration I do for my college. I just feel a deep sense of connection to OHIO and the beautiful scenery in Athens. When I leave this spring after graduation I know that it’s going to be very difficult and I’m going to be genuinely sad because this place has definitely become a home to me.”
— Billie Frank, Class of 2018

“The people. The people here are the most helpful, kind, inclusive, but also diverse group that I’ve ever met. Every professor, advisor, and person I’ve met here has been amazing and has opened my eyes to what I can do here.”
— Nick Ruhenkamp, Class of 2020

IMG_8003“The family environment. Being a Bobcat is like being part of a big family. When I’m at home or not in Athens, and I have a Bobcat sweater, hoodie or t-shirt on I often run into someone who is like ‘Oh you go to OU? I went there!’ or ‘Oh someone I know went there!’ Every time I see another Bobcat, we talk about how much we love OU and the family here.”
— J’Maira Stevens, Class of 2020

“I love the sense of community we have here. You can run into alumni anywhere and they will be really excited. The summer before I came to OU, I ran into a family when I was in Florida that had on OU gear and I was like, ‘I’m going there next year.’ They were so excited for me, which was amazing because I had literally just met them.”
— Saraya Abner, Class of 2020

“I found OU on a whim during my journalism class senior year of high-school, with 3 minutes until all submissions for prospective college visits were due. I was completely set on attending a school in Chicago, until I had a realization in the middle of Chicago, that I’m not into a subway commute to an intro to COMS class. An Appalachian town with cheap pizza, an incredible farmer’s market, and a state park just a bike ride away would suit my needs. But with all joking aside, Ohio University provides an undeniable sense of community, on and off campus, and for this, I am eternally grateful.”
— Hailey Spivak, Class of 2017

14332968_10207223792608978_8298706593053975273_nI agree with a lot of what the Bobcats above had to say about the family and community we have here at Ohio University. I’m the daughter of two Bobcats and although I didn’t always plan on coming to OHIO for college, I always had a special connection to the campus and the people here. After growing up visiting the campus with my parents every year for homecoming, becoming a student and being able to call Ohio University my university was a really big deal for me. I’m proud to call myself a Bobcat and I’m so glad I get to go to class every day on this beautiful campus. So, I guess my favorite thing about being a Bobcat is the family history I have here and the memories I’ve been able to make that add to that history.


By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern


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