One of the most important aspects of “telling your story” is reflection. Throughout the Brand Yourself theme, the recurring element has been the concept of “reflection.” To brand yourself, to be able to articulate who you are, to communicate your story, all seems to depend on how much effort you have spent being reflective. How you reflect and what helps you reflect is individualized. Some sit still and concentrate, others meditate, some lose themselves in hobbies or working out and reflect by doing, and many have their own manner of reflection.

The point is to prioritize your way of reflecting. For many people, questions help this process. Here are a few that may kick start your reflection so that you can better conceptualize and then tell your story.

  • If we asked your loved ones what you are great at doing, what would they say?
  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • Who will be helped by your graduating Ohio University?
  • Ohio University is special to you because?
  • What two or three stories best describe how you grew up?
  • Who is the benefactor of you making an impact?
  • What is most important to you and how do you best support this?

Of course, there are all kinds of questions that could help you reflect and do this from different perspectives. It is never easy to tell your story, but spending time reflecting will help put some structure around your story and ensure your most salient elements are included. One way you can do this is by telling your STAR stories, read this article to learn how to do that.

By Imants Jaunarajs, Assitant Dean of Students for the CLDC

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