Major: Specialized Studies with concentrations in Communication and Psychology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio
Campus Involvement: Self Discovery Club, Vanguard, Leadership and Entrepreneurship certificates

What made you decide to switch majors?

IMG_0361I got accepted to the Athletic Training program after the spring semester of freshman year. At first, I really enjoyed my major, I got to work with the OHIO football team and travel to Alabama for the bowl game and Detroit for the MAC Championship. It was a really great experience and I learned that I loved helping people, but I realized I wanted to help people in a slightly different way.

In what other ways do you want to help people?

During the summer, while I was leaving one major and starting a new major, I asked myself, “How can I tie my dreams with my academics, career, and wanting to help people altogether?” One of my friends was in the Specialized Studies major and he suggested that I look into that major as an option because of its flexibility.

Out of that change came the idea to start a student organization on campus called the Self Discovery Club. My overall goal is to be a life coach, but I wanted to find a way to start helping people mentally, emotionally, and through their lifestyle while I was still in college. So through this organization, we teach students self-awareness and self-development. I created a planner called “Growing from Within,” and it uses the idea of strategic futuring.

What is Strategic Futuring?

It can be pretty overwhelming when you are looking at your academic or career goals and you’re like, ok where is the first step? It uses a reverse process of looking at your goal from where you want to be, to where you need to start. It also incorporates meditating and envisioning to help with that process.

What are your career goals?

Someday I want to open up a business and train life coaches, working with clients one on one or hosting seminars. But after graduation, I would like to stay in school and move toward grad school to pursue a degree in Strategic Leadership. I also have bigger plans to turn the Self Discovery Club into an actual business and have this small practice of life coaching kind of ready to go.

Do you have any advice for your fellow Bobcats?

Don’t be afraid to go out and try to find yourself. Don’t be afraid to be the one that stands out or try something that makes you a little uncomfortable. Those are the moments where you really realize who you are and what you’re capable of. Until this year, I didn’t really know what it meant to be a Bobcat student. Being a Bobcat student means being able to take advantage of the wonderful people on campus–faculty, staff, professors and great peers. If you can find that and keep working with these people, OU is going to give you beautiful things.

What is your favorite part about being a Bobcat?

My favorite part about being a Bobcat is that every day you have an opportunity to do something completely new. Athens is just a fresh start for your mentality and anything you want to change in your life.

Interview conducted by CLDC Social Media Intern Kate Ansel

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