This month we’re continuing our theme of branding yourself by talking about our treasure chest, resume checklist, and cover letter checklist worksheets.

When it comes to branding yourself for an employer, your resume and cover letter say it all, by telling them who you are before you even walk in the door. It’s important to get these documents right and make sure they represent you well. Below we list the steps that can help you create and organize your resume and cover letter.

Resume Steps:

Fill out the Treasure Chest worksheet

To get started you should fill out the Treasure Chest worksheet and if you click on the link you can see an example worksheet that I filled out. On this worksheet, you’ll list all your jobs, leadership positions, and organizations and the responsibilities you had in each role. This worksheet is a great starting point for someone who doesn’t have a resume yet because once you finish this worksheet, you have a whole page of experience you can organize and transfer into a polished resume.


Format your experience into a Resume Template

Now that you have some experience to work with, you can format it into a resume. Follow the link above to our resume template where we have an example of a filled out resume that you can use as your guide. Microsoft Word and Canva also have free templates that you can use if you want to get creative.

Use the Resume Checklist

Once you’re satisfied with your resume format, use our Resume Checklist to double check that everything is in order. This includes checking for grammatical errors, making sure your fonts are the same, and that the specific information is correct. At this point, we’d highly recommend a drop-in or career coaching appointment with a CLDC career coach. Never hurts to get a professional input!

Congratulations! Your resume is ready to submit to future employers and now that it’s polished and organized, it represents the best version of you. Now we’ll move on to writing a cover letter, the steps are pretty similar.

Cover Letter Steps

Reference back to the Treasure Chest worksheet

Take another look at your the Treasure Chest worksheet that you pulled information from to use on your resume. Now, pick out two or three relevant achievements or qualifications you have that will benefit the employer or are related to the job you’re applying for.

Expand upon those experiences in your Cover Letter

Using our cover letter template, expand upon those experiences in three-four sentences. Briefly discuss the responsibilities, accomplishments, and work that came out of those experiences and explain how they make you the ideal candidate for the position.

Use the Cover Letter Checklist

Now that you have a nice, new cover letter, don’t forget to use the cover letter checklist before submitting it to potential employers. Just like on your resume, you want to check for grammatical errors, make sure your contact information is correct and visible, and that your fonts are consistent. Again, the CLDC career coaches are an excellent resource to get a second opinion on your cover letter.

You’re done! Now you can submit a professional cover letter and resume that represent who you are to your future employers.

By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern

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