Holiday gift lists for college students sometimes turn into a list of necessities, which can include everything from a Costco sized box of granola bars to printer paper to new socks. This year, consider adding these “grown-up” items to your list that will help you be successful as a student and in your future career.

Gift Photo 2-02Lynda subscription

Lynda is a website that offers courses in business, technology, and other creative skills. Your first 30 days are free, but if you want to continue to take these valuable courses, you’ll have to purchase a subscription. These skills will make your resume stand out and you can earn certificates that post to your LinkedIn account—so, consider putting this subscription on your list. 

Professional clothing

If you haven’t started already, you’ll probably be getting ready for job and internship interviews when you return for Spring Semester. Is your professional wardrobe ready? If your blazer doesn’t fit right anymore or your favorite interview outfit has seen better days, consider asking for some of those items this year. Relatives love buying gifts to help you with your career because they want to see you succeed.


Tired of trying to keep all of your portfolio pieces, reference letters, and resume in a standard folder? It might be time to upgrade. Padfolios are a sleek solution to keep yourself organized and looking professional when going into an interview or networking event.

Gift card to your favorite coffee shop, because you know you need caffeine

It can be nice during a long day of classes or work to have a little extra money to spend on coffee, tea or a snack. Sometimes that jolt of caffeine or sugar can help you finish that last little bit of work you need to get done before the day is over. Plus, trips to the coffee shop can be a nice break in your day. Put a gift card to your favorite coffee shop in Athens on your list and you’ll have some extra mulla to feed your caffeine cravings.

Briefcase/Messenger Bag

Owning a briefcase or nice messenger bag is perfect for those busy days on campus when you don’t just have to go to class, but you might also be attending a career fair or interviewing for a job or internship. Instead of lugging your big pack around with you, keep your school supplies and your interview materials in the same place while still looking professional.

Membership to a professional organization

Interested in becoming a member of a professional organization on campus, or out in the “real world”, that is related to your field, but the dues are just a little out of your budget? Ask friends and family to help you with the cost so that you can become a dues-paying member of the organization. If you pay these fees, you’ll get access to more resources and networking opportunities.

By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern

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