At some point in your college career, you’ve probably stopped and panicked because the thought, “Is this really the right major for me?” popped into your head. This can happen your first year or even your last year. Although the possibility that you aren’t in the right major can be very scary, it’s important to remember that there are tools to help you. And, a significant aspect of your career process, is learning about your options.

At the CLDC we have staff that can help you during a career coaching appointment. During this time you can find out not only what you should be majoring in, but what you can do with that major once you graduate. It might not be the major or career you planned, but it might be the best one for you.

Another tool that you can utilize is What Can I Do With This Major, which you can find here. On the website, all of the majors at Ohio University are listed and available for you to explore. The website shows you all the different areas related to your major and gives you tips on how to showcase your skills within your major to employers.

For example, I’m a journalism: strategic communication major and on this website my career area falls under the business side of journalism which includes public relations, advertising, media relations, special events, etc. Under those specified areas it also gives a list of the types of employers I would be working for once I graduate and decide which direction I want to go with my degree. At the bottom of the page for journalism, there is a list of general information that includes some advice for students currently majoring in journalism or those who are thinking about the major. For example, it suggests picking a minor in business administration, political science or something that is related to what you might want to write about so that you have more experience with the subject beforehand.  

This tool can be very useful for students who are undecided or are in a major that has numerous specializations or potential careers. Once you’ve explored the site a little bit, it can help you narrow down what major you’re interested in declaring, or one that you discover you would like to switch to. It can also expand your understanding of the broad career options you’ll have, and give much-needed insight into getting started in your field of interest.  

By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern

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