It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving Break is already here, this semester seems to be flying by! That just makes this break from classes, work, and student orgs even more appealing. But if you’re like me, you don’t want to be lazy the entire time you’re on break, sometimes breaks are the best time to have a little fun, but also catch up on work that you’ve been meaning to do but had to keep putting to the side.

Below are some productive, but still enjoyable activities for you to do while you’re on break whether you’re staying in Athens or going home.

1. Watch a career related movie or TV show

As a journalism major, I love the movie Spotlight about investigative journalism and really enjoy the TV series West Wing, which looks at the public relations side of journalism. It can be really fun to watch movies or shows that are related to what you want to do with your career, whether they are fictional or documentaries. So, if you are a pre-law student go binge watch some Law & Order episodes. If you’re an education major, have some laughs and listen to some good music while watching School of Rock. And, just about any career appetite can be sated by the variety of documentaries available through Netflix, such as the Abstract series for artists, designers and photographers.

2. Learn a new skill

Instead of working on homework or projects, something you probably don’t want to do on a break, pick a new skill you’ve been dying to learn. If you want to make your resume look super cool and organized, try your hand at a program like InDesign or for the not so tech savvy, a simple (and free) version for resume design can be found on Canva.

Do you love writing? Start a blog. It can be about literally ANYTHING: school, food, workout tips, how to knit, whatever you want! Blogs are also a great way to channel your creative side into something productive and if you keep up with them and make them semi-professional, employers will love to look at them and it shows that you have dedication to something.

Get a free trial of which offers a library of over 6000 courses on subjects in business, technology and creative skills—skills to supplement any career aspirations!

3. Take a break

Taking a break from school and your life here in Athens might not seem productive, but it’s important for your mental and physical health to slow down for a little while. We’re hitting that really busy, exam heavy, final papers are almost due, I hope I pass this class, time of the year and leaving all of that behind while you’re on Thanksgiving Break can be beneficial. De-stress and relax. If you’re going home, find some time to hang out with your pet, your old friends, family or neighbors and relax.

If you’re staying in Athens, don’t spend the whole time hanging out in your dorm or apartment. Do something you normally don’t have time for in a regular week: walk up to the Ridges with friends that are staying in town and explore the spooky buildings (only the outside, we don’t want you getting in trouble), hang out in your favorite coffee shop Uptown, which won’t be crowded since the majority of people are going home, catch up on the latest season of your favorite TV show. Just take a minute and relax, you deserve it.

By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern

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