How important are your values to your career path? They should probably be very important and an integral part of your decision-making process as you choose a career, as well as the companies or businesses you are aspiring to work for. These values can be anything from honesty and integrity to helping others and problem-solving.

This month we are featuring our Values Reflection Worksheet as our tool to help you discover which values are most important to you and find out how they might shape your career path. You can access the worksheet here and follow along as we break down the steps to filling it out.

So, how does it work?

On the first page, you will find a list of values ranging from sustainability and environment to frequent travel and geographic location. Then you can rate these values as something you always value, sometimes value or never value. From there you go to page two of the worksheet and narrow down the list of values to the top five values that you don’t want to compromise on either professionally or personally.

You finished the worksheet, but what does it mean?

Then take a minute to evaluate those five values that you picked and figure out exactly what that means for you. If you always value trying new things, how do you want to incorporate that into your career? Or do you simply value trying new things in your personal life, and would you rather have a more structured and predictable job?

After you have reflected a little on those five values, answer the five questions below that can help you better understand how you will work those values into your chosen career path. Something you might find after completing the worksheet is that you had not previously considered how these values would fit in with your career and if they don’t align with it, that might be something to consider.

If you do find that your values conflict with your future career plans and need some advice, stop by the CLDC for a drop-in career coaching appointment or schedule one today. We’re always here to help and encourage you to use this and the many resources we offer!

By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern

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