Have you ever looked at the skills section of a resume template and just stared at it blankly?

You’re probably not alone and that’s okay. However, it’s important to find out which skills you excel at and which skills you enjoy. Not only will you be able to write them down and showcase them to a potential employer, but they can also help guide you in your career development process.

At the Career and Leadership Development Center, we have several tools you can utilize to aid in your career development and one of them is the skills reflection worksheet. On the worksheet, you can evaluate how good you are at each skill, as well as how much you enjoy using it. It’s important to figure out both aspects of each skill because you might be really good at organizing data for example, but you might hate doing it.

Erika Peyton, coach at the CLDC says, “Knowing not only the skills you excel in but also how motivated you are to use those skills can help you feel more confident when making career decisions.”

On the second page of the skills reflection worksheet, you have the opportunity to reflect on the skills you enjoy using and in which you have high ability. Understanding this can help you realize the kind of career you might want to pursue, as well as identify skills you want to enhance.

We encourage you to use this resource and come in to talk with a career coach so they can help you plan your campus experiences to align with these skills and career goals. It’s also a good idea to learn from this reflection and incorporate these skills into talking points the next time you meet with a potential employer, such as at the upcoming Career and Internship Fair.

Discover your skills! 

By Kate Ansel, CLDC Social Media Intern

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