You’re probably gearing up for the school year, wrapping up a summer internship or job and imagining being back on the bricks of Athens. First, congrats! It’s a lot of responsibility to work all summer and your experience will prepare you for the upcoming school year and your professional career.
Often emphasis is placed on making a good first impression, and since you read our post on first impressions, we already know you nailed it ;). But, making a good impression as you leave is just as important. The connections you made can help you in the future and it is important to maintain a respectful relationship with your colleagues because you never know when you’ll need a reference or connection post grad.
So, here are just a couple ways to cap off your summer gig, and leave a lasting impression.

Express your appreciation

A great way to show your appreciation for your experience is to write handwritten thank you letters to your supervisor, colleagues, or any other person that helped you through your internship or job. Handwritten letters show that you took the time to express your appreciation for the opportunity, and the training and mentoring people provided.
Beyond handwritten letters verbalizing your gratitude at a reception dinner or by simply dropping by your colleague’s office can be just as effective.

Connect and stay in touch

Exchange emails, phone numbers or connect on LinkedIn. There are tons of ways to connect, choose the option that’s best for you, but remember to also stay in touch. Don’t wait until you need something, find excuses to pop back into their lives occasionally. Send an email asking how things are going at work or in their personal lives. Share a reading recommendation—book, article, meme ;)—that inspired you and might be equally relevant to their lives or their work. Invite them to grab coffee when you’re in town! Be creative, and have fun with it.

The CLDC knows you hustled throughout the summer and the experiences you gained will only project you closer to your goals. Always remember the way you exit an internship or job is just as important as the way you entered.

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