So, the summer is over and it’s time to head back to school. Yes, that means reuniting with friends and frolicking around the streets of Athens again. But, it also means it’s time to hit the books again! YAY! For some, this might be a frustrating transition – going from having no responsibilities to having 25,000 responsibilities at once. Buying books again, studying multiple hours, pulling all-nighters, and balancing all of your extracurricular activities, oh my!

But, there are ways to combat these issues and make this transition a smooth one:

1. Buy an academic planner
Start writing in all of your assignments from your syllabus, it will help you break down all of your assignments one by one.

2. Visit the Career and Leadership Development Center (CLDC) and attend a Career Coaching appointment
No better way to make your life feel organized like a good ole fashioned trip to the CLDC.

3. Get your books ahead of time
Check out your syllabus on Blackboard and order your textbook so you’re not bumming off of your friends textbook for the first exam

4. Get something cool for your room
You’d be surprised how excited you can get when you buy a cool poster, picture frame or blanket for your room back at school. It makes it feel like things are finally coming together.

5. Look at pictures from last year
Nothing like reminiscing on last year at OHIO to get you in the mood!

6. Text your friends and tell them you’re excited to see them
Sharing the excitement and the struggle is always better with someone else.


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