Summer at work can be quite the bother
And your boss might be watching you like an over-bearing father.

But there are ways to combat this issue,
if your desk is stocked with plenty of tissues.

Although you may be close to tears,
just remember you’ll only have to work for about 40 more years. 🙂

Things could be worse if you just remember
that time in the parking lot when your boss hit your fender.

You could be at home cleaning the dishes,
but that is something almost no one wishes.

You could be training for a marathon, you think.
Or fixing your leaky bathroom sink.

But instead you are here sitting at your desk,
next to Bobby whose body odor is quite grotesque.

At least you’re making money, okay?
That’s better than doing nothing all day.

Just look at the bright side, its not that hard.
You could be doing lots of work out in the yard.

Sure, it’s easy to dream of vacation.
But your parents are happy you’re laying down foundation.

To family and friends, you look quite happy.
Little do they know, you just want a nappy.

Stay brave and stay motivated
even though quitting has often been contemplated.

Soon the sun will fade and the snow will come
and you will be happy the battle is done.

After all, you have the weekends to look forward to.
And soon enough the sky won’t be blue.

So take our advice, though hard it may be
and let thoughts of quitting be free.

There may be no cure for this summer motivation loss,
just don’t take it out on your boss!


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