Today’s blog is all about how to make a FABULOUS impression at your summer internship or new job. Basically everything you need to know about being the absolute BEST employee is written right here. Look no further, the Career and Leadership Development Center (CLDC) is providing you with the only employee handbook/rule book you will ever need. Just follow this and you will be completely fine.

Here is how to be super awesome at your new internship or job:

  1. Make everyone mad
  2. Never do any work
  3. Don’t EVER show up on time
  4. Play on your phone all day
  5. Take super long lunch breaks
  6. Ask for days off every week
  7. Don’t talk to anyone in the office
  8. Show up in sweat pants
  9. Check your watch every five minutes
  10. Turn work in late
  11. Be rude to your boss
  12. Don’t take interest in your coworkers lives
  13. Do not attend any company events
  14. Chew gum super loud
  15. Park in your coworkers parking spots
  16. Leave your work area a mess

If you haven’t realized by now that this is all completely sarcastic then you should probably not be employed in the first place. Just take our advice and don’t do ANY of these things if you want to be seem as a cool, respectable employee who expects a good recommendation!

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