Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking. But it can play extremely important role in expanding your business network. Knowing the right people can almost always work in your favor. Here’s how to make and keep connections so when an opportunity arises, you know who to contact:

Be really stinking awesome

Basically, just be the type of person that is willing to leave an impression.

Reach out via email, walk up and introduce yourself

You have to start the interaction somehow. If you come across someone who you think would be a good connection to make, start the conversation. Introduce yourself and make a connection.

Don’t be shy, show your personality

This is key. Make sure you show who you are – show your fun personality and genuine nature. Be transparent and it help people help you.

Find a common ground

Find something you have in common like a mutual friend or interest. It will make you memorable and probably more relatable.

Follow up

Get a business card, email or some type of contact information. Send an email, text or even make a phone call to say thank you or express how nice it was to meet them. By doing this, it puts your contact information in their hands and theirs in yours.

Reach back out

When an opportunity arrives, reach back out and remind them of something you previously connected on. Just in case they are busy and might not remember you right away, this reminder will help. Ask them politely if they can help connect you to someone in their company or network.

And voila! You’re a networking pro!

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