Are you stressed about being turned down from your dream internship? Did your summer plans end up in the gutter? THAT’S O.K. There are ways to turn that around!

Sure, you might not have landed an internship during the summer, but there are ways to turn your summer job into a resume booster.

Here’s how:
Companies like to see longevity on your resume. If you return to your summer job multiple years in a row, they will see that you are dedicated to one place.

If you work as a server or cashier part-time, you can hone in on your customer service skills. Highlight on your resume that you practiced these skills. In every job you ever have (unless you work on the moon) you will have to work with people. By practicing your customer service and people skills, you are practicing for the real world. Showing that you know how to appeal to customers and can communicate well is a huge plus for employers.

If you have downtime during the summer, use it to watch TedTalks, read books, watch documentaries, read articles, do research etc. on topics related to your major/future career. Knowledge is power. The more you know about your field of work, the more skilled you can become. If you can show employers you were making use of your free time by learning more about your desired field, it will show you are extremely dedicated.

You can also look for part-time jobs that may be related to your career. Say for instance you are an education major. Maybe you could find a job nannying or at a local daycare or school. Maybe you are a journalism major…try starting your own blog or website. If you are a nursing major, see if you could shadow a local doctor.

The possibilities are endless.

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