Summer company parties can be super fun. It probably means free food and basically free entertainment. You get to bond with your coworkers in a different setting. It’s usually refreshing to see the people you work with from day-to-day come out of their shell and have a little fun. But, this doesn’t mean to can go wild ‘n crazy! Sure, obviously you can let your hair down a little, but it’s best to make sure you don’t walk into an awkward situation on Monday when you did something super embarrassing at the company party in front of your boss. Here are some tips to make sure you keep it cool:

Dress appropriately even out of the office

You are still making impressions even when you are not in your office. These are your coworkers people, not your besties!

If you bring a date or spouse, make sure they represent you both in a good light

Make sure they’re not hoarding all of the mini weenies and the other miscellaneous appetizers or trying to jump in the pool with all of their clothes on. You never know, it could happen.

Always network…even among colleagues

People like to let their guard down and talk to you like a friend when they’re outside the office. This is the perfect time to talk to Joe who you usually just pass by with a smile. Or to learn about Lisa’s kids. You never know where these connections might lead and how these people can help you. Plus it’s always great to make good impressions on your fellow employees.

Bring an appetizer for the host to show your appreciation

People love buffalo chicken dip, just sayin’. Actually, people love basically any food they don’t have to make!

Now you’re all ready to throw on your swimmies and hang with some employees!

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