Graduation Date:  May 2016
Area of study at OHIO: Communication Studies
Current role:  Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Kennedy Creative Events
From: Toledo, OH
Current Location: Austin, TX

What is it like being a Bobcat Alumni?
I’ll always hold OU close to my heart. I always miss it and get so nostalgic when I’m seeing social media posts from my friends that are still in school. I’m proud of my roots and I think it’s really obvious because most of my friends in Austin are also OU alums that I met once I moved here. Just the other day a couple strangers stopped me on the street because I was wearing an OU sweatshirt and one of them had on a Cats Den shirt.

What did you do after graduation from OU?
I took the summer to just relax while visiting friends and family. I knew I’d never get that long of a vacation again so I decided to soak it up while I could!

Describe your current role.
I work for Kennedy Creative Events, a woman-owned event agency based in Austin, Texas. We handle all sorts of events- weddings, experiential marketing events, grand openings, meetings and conferences, non-profit benefits, SXSW events, themed social events, product launches, etc. We’re also a Destination Management Company (DMC), which essentially means we’re your on-the-ground experts of Austin for clients who aren’t based locally.  I have a dual role in the company as I’m the Sales and Marketing Coordinator. On the sales side, I’m responsible for assisting the sales team with prospecting new business, keeping track of deadlines, scheduling site visits, customer relationship management and assisting in creating concept proposals. On the marketing side, I’m responsible for providing sales data, market trends, researching competitive products, providing content for our social media channels, blogging, updating our website and creating promotional materials.

What has surprised you most about post-grad life?
It’s a very strange experience transitioning from student-life to adulthood. I’m still trying to figure it out! I think what’s surprised me most, or what I need to remind myself, is that I’m not the only person going through this and that it’s ok that I’m not in full blown adulthood yet.

What is your favorite thing about your current role/post grad?
I love my role because I’m dabbling into a field I never thought I would be into (sales) and a field that I want to grow in (marketing). It gives me the chance to get out of my comfort zone and learn something new but also something that I’m passionate about. My favorite thing about post-grad life is definitely just the excitement of my future in general. There’s so much ahead of me that I don’t even know about yet and I just can’t wait to see what ends up happening.

What is the best thing about trying a new city?
Austin has surprised me in so many ways. I feel like it’s created plenty of buzz in recent years and I totally understand the hype now. The city is thriving with live music, street art, progressive tech culture, eclectic people, INCREDIBLE food, nightlife, outdoor-setting and boundless creativity. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else at this point of my life.

What advice could you offer to current students at OHIO?
If you’re thinking about moving somewhere outside of Ohio or your hometown- do it. Chances are you’re not going to be in your late twenties and think, “Hm, I’m going to pick up my life and move to Austin!” There’s always going to be a reason not to move whether it be money, family or just being scared to do it. You’ll figure it out if you want it badly enough.

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