Summer is a great time to take a break, rejuvenate, and get your life back on track. The school year is filled with pulling all-nighters, constantly being busy, and running yourself into the ground. You finally have the availability to make time for yourself . . . so use it wisely. Summer can be whatever you make it. Instead of being lazy, sitting on your couch, watching Netflix all day, try something that will help you grown as a person this summer. We’ve put together a list of things you can try to help make that happen:

Try new places

Explore around your hometown. Eat at a restaurant you’ve always passed, but never actually gone into. Go for a hike or a walk in your neighborhood. Stop at a garage sale. The possibilities are endless. There is always something new to discover, even if it’s in the town you grew up in.

Talk to and meet new people

Instead of just asking the cashier at Starbucks for a tall iced coffee, ask them how their day is. Ask about their life. People are a lot nicer than you think.

Read a self-help book

There are tons out there. If you are looking for inspiration, even just a little bit of it, there is a book out there for you. Some of them actually help . . . shocker, right?

Watch documentaries

Watch a documentary about something you are interested in . . . or even something your not. This is a pretty good way to learn something new within your resources. (Hint: there are tons of good ones on Netflix or you could even try out TED Talks.)

Learn a new skill

Here’s something super cool . . . Google and YouTube. You could pretty much type “How To…” anything and there would be a guide for it.


Look good, feel good. Am I right? No, but for real. Summer is the perfect time to spend working out. You finally have time to get back into a normal schedule. Plus you can spend more time outside working out when the weather is nice!

Try a new food

Try something you’ve always been nervous to taste. Just so you can say you have!

Make a change in your living space

It’s called Feng Shui. Ever heard of it? Mixing up your environment can help expand your mind and give you a nice change of scenery.

Love yourself

Just do it.

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