Coming into college is a huge transition. It is a time when you make a lot of new friends, are exposed to new surroundings and have to learn the ins and outs of a new lifestyle. For Kristin Kawecki, freshman at Ohio University (OHIO), she makes all of that look super easy. In her first year at OHIO, Kawecki has already jumped into two huge leadership roles, and joined multiple organizations. Not to mention, she already has an internship lined up in New York City this summer. If this is any testament to how the rest of her years at OHIO will go, she has a lot of amazing things ahead of her.

Year in school: 
Area of study at OHIO: Marketing and Sport Management
Leadership role(s): Vice President of Communications for Sigma Kappa & Account Manager for the Schey Sales Centre
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Involvement on campus: Sigma Kappa Sorority, The Schey Sales Centre (Schey) & Greek Bible Study
Favorite thing about being a Bobcat: The sense of community we have here! Everyone here loves being here.
Hobbies: I love the outdoors! I also am a coffee enthusiast so I enjoy adventuring to different places in search of great cappuccinos.

Why did you decide to come to Ohio University?
OHIO has an amazing sport program. This was the first place that I visited that made me excited about my major. The beautiful campus was just the cherry on top!

Talk briefly about your current leadership roles and involvement on campus.
I currently serve on my sorority’s executive board as the Vice President of Communications! Being on it as a freshman has given me a great opportunity to meet and connect with the upperclassmen in the sorority and gain skills when it comes to leading peers.

I am also an Account Manager for the Schey. In this position I oversee 5 of our corporate partnerships to ensure they feel they are getting the most out of their investment with our sales organization.

What has been the most challenging thing about making the transition into college?
I underestimated how shy I actually am when it comes to making new friends. I’ve definitely had to push myself out of my comfort zone this year!

What has been the most rewarding thing?
The most rewarding thing I have gained from college is confidence. I always felt called to leadership positions but never took the next step. Being slated for a position in my sorority and feeling the support from my sisters made me believe in myself.

What are the main things you have learned since you have made the transition to college?
I’ve learned to trust the process. That is a key phrase Greek Life likes to use during recruitment and it has remained true through all of my freshmen year. I believe that He has plan for my life and all I can do is trust it and keep doing the little things day by day.

How have your experiences shaped you as a person?
I am a horribly impatient person and going with the flow is not something that comes easily to me. My experiences taught me that I should probably chill out a little more and learn to enjoy the journey.

Have you used any of the CLDCs resources? If so, which?
When applying for the Schey, I didn’t even know what a resume looked like. The CLDC helped me put it together and gave me great feedback for my interview. I also am in the process of completing the 21st Century Leadership and Professional Leadership certificates. 

What field do you see a career in and why?
My career goal is to work for a marketing firm within the sport and entertainment industry. I want my work to make people happy and bring them together. Being from Cleveland, I know first hand that sports gives people a lot of hope. Mark Cuban said in an interview once that, “they don’t throw parades when a Fortune 500 company meets their goals, but they do in sports.” And I want to be a part of that energy.

What do you have planned for this summer?
This summer I have an internship in New York City through a program called the Manhattan Sports Business Academy. The program is 8 weeks long and includes a 9-5 internship with one of the organization’s partners and workshops from 5-8 at night Monday-Friday. On the weekends, we have the opportunity to tour stadiums, offices of major sports corporations and network with professionals in the sports business.

How did you go about getting the internship?
I spent a lot of time over winter break researching internship opportunities close to home and didn’t find very many available for freshmen. I stumbled across MSBA and turned in an application not expecting a reply. I received an interview slot and was shocked and the rest just sort of fell into place after that. 

What advice can you give to incoming freshmen?
“Do not be the person who stops showing up once they start winning.” – Allie Stalter. Allie gave this advice to a group of people in the Schey and it stuck with me. In my experience, the greatest leaders I have ever worked with have wanted to make sure that everyone on their team succeeds as well. Get your dream job, get your dream internship but don’t forget to go back and help other people get there too.

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