Remember when you were a little kid? And someone asked you, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Your answer would be different from week to week. Or maybe it never changed – but it didn’t turn out as planned.

If you’re currently in college, chances are, at some point you’ve had your doubts about what you want to do with your life. And, that’s normal. It’s OK to change your mind.

College is a time to explore. It’s no wonder changing your major is so common.

Here are the benefits of exploring different opportunities:

You get to try new things

You have the opportunity to try something you have never tried before! So take it.

You figure out what you like and don’t like

The best part about exploring new alleyways is realizing what you like and don’t like. And because of this, you will better understand your strengths and weaknesses. So maybe you had an internship and didn’t have the best experience. Now you know that you won’t look for full-time jobs in that area. It’s a win-win!

There’s more for you to talk about

You’ll be in a conversation with someone and a point they bring up might spark something you remember from your experiences.

Your mind is widened

It’s great to have an open mind about life. Trying new things automatically gives you the courage to try other things.

You’re a more well-rounded individual

Exploring options throughout your college careers can make you more versatile. You have seen things and done things to push yourself out of your comfort zone and for that, you are allowing yourself to grow.

By Delaney Swift, CLDC Social Media Intern

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