Emily Fetsko is a New Jersey native in her fourth and final year at Ohio University. Fetsko stands out as a leader on OHIO’s campus. She attributes most of her success to being an out-of-state student. Since she began her freshman year, she has held three different leadership roles. Fetsko is an amazing asset to our leadership community.

Year in school: Senior
Area of study at OHIO: Health Services Administration,  Minor(s): Psychology and Business
Leadership role(s): Campus Tour Guide, Learning Community Leader, Vice President of Academics for Alpha Xi Delta
From: Cranford, New Jersey
Favorite thing about being a Bobcat: The community-oriented nature of the school. There are always people willing to lend a helping hand and be there for you. It is so easy to make a friend!
Plans after graduation: I am looking in New York City. I am interested in public health, specifically event planning and community outreach.

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How did you adjust from being out of state?

I knew that I wanted to go out of state and one of the challenges I wanted to present myself with was going to a school where I didn’t know anybody. I think that has contributed a lot to my leadership skills because I learned a lot about myself just from not knowing anybody else and not having anyone to look to. I just had to find my own way.

What resources have you used at the CLDC?

I worked with Zach McGrain for resume building and mock interviews. He has helped me determine what type of jobs I am qualified for and should be looking at to start.

How have the resources helped you?

They have definitely given me a lot of confidence for applying to and interviewing for jobs. I feel like they have equipped me with the proper skills to search for jobs. I didn’t even really know where to start with looking.

Have you taken any leadership courses and how have they helped you?

I took Jodi Pavol‘s Career Development class my freshman year. It was a great way to learn how to construct a resume and a LinkedIn profile. So as I got older, I just had to adjust those things that I already had…instead of having to start over and not really knowing how to start.

Tell us about your work/internship experiences.

During the summer of 2015, I interned for Manhattan Family Court-Mental Health Services. I worked on their juvenile delinquent cases specifically. I designed an Excel database to analyze common factors between gun violence cases. I also designed resource guides on affordable nutrition and trauma intervention organizations. I was directly underneath the Resource Coordinator. Together, we did research and our job was to find resources that can be recommended to judges for people to attend as a way of reformation. I liked it because I was giving back to the community. I definitely learned a lot about different groups of people that you might just come across in your life or at work. I was the only intern so I learned that I would definitely prefer to work with people, rather than just do independent work all day.

How do you think you have evolved as a leader throughout your college career?

As I said before, going to school far away where I didn’t know anybody motivated me to be a more outgoing and involved individual. My experiences as a Tour Guide and Learning Community Leader for OHIO have helped me to develop my public speaking and team building skills. I have also developed empathy through these two positions as well as my internship because of the wide variety that I get to work with on a daily basis.

The cool part about being a tour guide is that you are giving the route, but what you say at each spot is completely up to you. Because of this, I get to share a lot of my own positive personal experiences. I think being from out of state gives me a pretty unique perspective on the school because everything I learned about Ohio I learned at Ohio University.

What made you want to come to OHIO?

I wanted a large state school so I applied to OSU and my dad found OU through his own research and really encouraged me to apply even though it didn’t have a lot of the characteristics that I was looking for in a school (large student body, urban area, etc.). But I am so grateful that I applied because when I visited I realized that this was the place that I needed to be because of the community-oriented nature that I mentioned before. The campus itself is a reason to come here!

What leadership advice could you give to underclassman or prospective OHIO students?

“Shoot for the moon. If you miss it you’ll land among the stars. If you shoot high, even if you don’t get the position you want at first, something will lead you into it.”

Connect with Emily on LinkedIn.

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