Recent graduate, Riley Carpenter has quickly transitioned from a busy college student to a hard-working professional. Carpenter was the president of her sorority, Sigma Kappa, at OHIO up until her graduation day. She also spent most of her last year assisting Dr. Lynn Harter, Director of the Barbara Gerald’s Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact, with the “Go Gold” fund. Starting her full-time job only one week after her graduation, Carpenter has adapted to the “real world” fast.

Graduation Date: December 2016
Age: 21
Area of study at OHIO: Health Communication Studies
Current role: Administrative Coordinator in the Office of Patient Experience at the Cleveland Clinic
Location: Cleveland, OH
Involvement(s) on campus: Sigma Kappa (president), Go Gold Fund (Independent Study Production Assistant), ROTC (second year cadet of Air Force ROTC – Physical Fitness Officer and Executive Squadron), and Greek Bible Study (Leader – in collaboration with Campus Crusade for Christ)

How has the transition been from school to the “real world”?

I am not as busy so I am able to have more of a consistent routine, which for my personality, is a huge positive. My social group dynamics have changed and the people that are in my social group have changed. What I mean by that is a lot of the people I interact with are older than me…the youngest being in her low 30s. That’s had an affect on how I present myself and the language I use and the things I talk about day-to-day. To be completely transparent, in terms of social life, it’s been hard because all my friends are still in school or live far away from me. So that part has been a hard transition.

What is your favorite thing about post-graduation so far?

I am doing the same amount of work (maybe less), but I just get a paycheck at the end of every two weeks.

What was the most important thing you learned about yourself during your three and a half years at OHIO?

I actually do not enjoy being in a position with a high level of power. You have to make decisions are always decisions you either want to make or believe in or the decisions that are going to make other people happy. Being the person to have to make those hard decisions was not something I enjoyed. I had to do that a lot in my leadership roles during my time at school.

How are the things you learned in your time at OHIO relevant to your current career?

The Training and Development course that I took with Dr. Deardorff helped me a lot. I use the materials from that class a lot day-to-day. My Emperical Research Class…I used all of the information I learned about research and analysis every day in my current role. I even teach these skills to other co-workers.

What campus resources or roles helped you most for the position you have now?

The Leader in You course with the University College. It was taught by someone (Erin Morgenstern) at the CLDC. It gave me strategies and processes for leadership. I also understood my own leadership style to a level that I hadn’t prior. It also gave me tools for leading a team.

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