A constant theme of Ohio University is the “Bobcat Family.” Bobcats help Bobcats. Bobcats bond with Bobcats. Everywhere you go in life, there is a possibility of running into a fellow Bobcat. And, just as strong as the Bobcat Family is the Bobcat Network.

“Bobcats help Bobcats.”

This network is essentially anyone who ever went to Ohio University. If you are looking for a job, it can be the perfect resource. It is something you should use to your advantage.

Seek mentors everywhere. If you are looking for a position at a specific company, reach out to someone who works there and ask for their advice. You can do this by utilizing LinkedIn or email to contact industry professionals. Ask them to talk on the phone or if you can ask them a few questions via email. Develop a relationship with this person and you could go far.

Before you reach out to someone from your company of interest, search for employees who may have graduated from Ohio University. If a fellow Bobcat works there, make sure you get in touch. Bobcats are always willing to assist other Bobcats in getting a job.

Apart from alumni Bobcats, it is never a bad idea to seek out a mentor while you are still in school. It is a common theme in some students’ success. Some ways to find a mentor at school are:

  1. Talk to an advisor in your college
  2. Talk to a current or previous professor
  3. Reach out to an advisor in your department whom other students have spoken highly of
  4. Speak with a boss or coworker
  5. Visit the CLDC and meet with our staff, Graduate Assistants and Student Ambassadors
  6. Talk with students who are older than you
  7. Find a classmate or peer

Having a mentor gives you the perfect gateway into building your career and leadership skills and experience. Now is the perfect time to start!


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