As the second semester begins, there are a few things that are on the mind of Ohio University students like “why is this weather so weird,” “I wonder if the dining halls have good food today,” and “can I take a nap yet?” But one thing that should be itching at our minds is “What can I wear to work?”

Growing up, we are told to dress for the job we want. The next three examples are of Ohio University men dressing for the jobs they want and deserve with these looks.

Sam McCabe

This look screams future exec. Add a jacket, and it is golden for a college student interviewing for their first grownup job. His shoes are polished, but not to the point of being gaudy. They fit his feet properly, so they don’t drag on the ground as he confidently strides into an interview. His pants fit nicely and are pressed properly. While this can be hard to do on campus, taking care of your dress clothes could be the difference between nailing the job and being turned away, no matter how excellent your resume is. His shirt is clean, which makes a world of difference. A clean bright white shirt stands out much better than a dingy meant-to-be-white shirt. His tie is a power tie, the colors say he is fun to be around but ready to get down to business when necessary. His hair, both head and facial, are clean and orderly, which is a major component of working in an office.

Marquis Maines

This look is the perfect example of taking an ordinary suit and making it extraordinary. The color is an incredible olive tone, making a statement that is not too bold but conveys confidence and a level of chic that can be difficult to find in a normal office setting. The tie is thin enough to be dapper, but not so thin that it’s like a pencil. The tie clip is a nice touch, adding a bit of silver peeking out of the black. Another touch that will make him stand out in a professional setting is the pocket square. The black and white of the square draws the entire ensemble together, adding a dapper touch that is unexpected and very chic. To top off the look, the tiny flower on the lapel shows a creative side that would make any office proud to brag about their newest worker.

Robert Levine

For the last look, it is definitely a classic. The suit is fitting and chic, making this man interview ready. His shoes again are polished, square-toed, and fit his feet. A big don’t for a business professional is having unpolished shoes – unpolished shoes means unpolished work. His pants are long enough to just brush the top of his shoes without hitting the floor, making them the perfect length for the office. His suit jacket is just long enough, hitting just below the waistline of the pants. It fits his shoulders properly, not too tight but also just form-fitting enough. The shirt is crisp and clean, and the tie is a confidence color, complimenting his skin tone without clashing. He is clean shaven and keeps his hair nicely coiffed.

If you want to be a future CEO, it starts with being dressed for success. These three OU men show exactly how they are dressing for their future, and boy do they look bright.

By Mackenzie Schoenherr, CLDC Student Ambassador

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