Graduation Date: April 2016

Area(s) of study while enrolled at OU: Psychology & Political Science

Current career: City Year in Los Angeles

What campus resources, learned skills, or advice received during college prepared you most professionally?

It’s hard to narrow down what resources have most helped me professionally because I was lucky enough to be surrounded by such supportive people throughout my college career. However, I would have to say that this network of people I had both academically and socially have prepared me the most to become a part of the “real world.”

How has your extracurricular or leadership experience impacted your career path?

My involvement with leadership positions within Sigma Kappa Sorority definitely impacted my choice to take a service year before beginning law school. I learned through this experience that I wanted to continue to develop my leadership skills, which is something that City Year places a lot of value in.

Have you ever used the resources in the Career and Leadership Development Center? If yes, which ones and how did it help you?

Yes! I used the career coaching services at the CLDC when I was feeling aimless and confused about my path. It was super beneficial! The career coach was able to help me organize my thoughts, come up with a plan, and take action steps to achieve my goals.

What, if anything, has surprised you about the direction your career path has taken?

I’m surprised I ended up taking a gap year because I always thought I would go straight to law school to start my legal career right after graduation. In hindsight, I can’t imagine not having this year to ground myself and become more prepared for the post-grad world after my time at OU.

What challenges did you run into during the job search process?

I kind of fell into the opportunity that I’m in now, so I didn’t have a very stressful job search process. However, before I knew about City Year, the stress of the unknown was a big challenge for me. I didn’t plan my law school entrance well and felt panicked about what to do with my gap year. That time was hard, but it’s important not to let the unknown overwhelm you too much.

How did you overcome challenges you ran into after graduation?

After graduating, it is not easy to move on from your times at OU, especially if you have friends that have yet to graduate. Distancing myself has been challenging, but keeping myself busy with service and with my future goals and plans has helped a lot.

What did you learn about yourself through the job search?

I learned that I’m super indecisive and want to do everything.

What is your favorite thing about post-grad life?

The structure. It’s nice having a schedule that stays the same every day. Becoming a “real” adult is actually kind of nice after 4 years of a semi-hectic undergrad. I’ve also been able to read for fun again, not for class, which I didn’t even realize I missed!

What is your best advice to college students about the job search process?

Keep an open mind. You may end up doing something you never imagined, but it will also show you things and teach you things about yourself that you never imagined. And don’t stress too much! Work hard but stay balanced. Everything will work out how it’s supposed to.

How did you get the job that you just received?

A recruiter for City Year reached out to me on LinkedIn, actually. So update your LinkedIn- you never know what opportunities may arise!

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