During the colder winter months, it is a habit to put comfort and warmth over fashion. The Holidays may be over but the frigid winter weather is just beginning and interviews do not stop just because it is cold outside. It is important to make a good first impression during an interview no matter the season so here is a how-to guide on how to dress to impress during the winter months.


As always men should have a well-tailored suit when dressing for an interview. Colors play an important and appropriate role during interviews; winter appropriate suits include charcoal or navy blue. You can play up your wardrobe with a colored shirt but colors should stay quiet and wintry such as dark blue or dark purple.  Winter accessories for men should be very minimal and kept to a dark colored belt that compliments the suit and plain cufflinks.  For outerwear when entering and leaving an interview an overcoat that compliments both the suit and shoes will emphasize a polished look to your interviewer.


It is also recommended that women wear a well-tailored suit whether it being a skirt and jacket combo or a trouser suit, these suits should fit well and not be too tight or too loose which can cause you to look unprofessional. Winter colors for women include charcoal, black, brown, grey, rich blues and greens.  High necklines and low hems make for an appropriate winter interview outfit, adding tights are an effective way to stay warm and can polish any look. Accessories, makeup, and perfume should be kept to a minimum and nails should be freshly polished. Handbags and shoes should complement your outfit and since it is winter make sure booties and shoes are polished and do not look weathered. Make sure to come prepared with either a belted trench coat or tailored coat with matching gloves and scarf to complete your winter-savvy interview look.

If you follow these tips and guidelines when dressing for a winter interview you will keep warm and blow your interviewer away.

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