Congratulations! You made it through finals and have probably entered the vortex of Winter Break by binge-watching countless episodes on Netflix, and sleeping in late (don’t worry – we know you deserve it). We all know that winter break is a time for celebration with family and friends, a time to give thanks for the holiday season.

We understand that you love the holiday parties and get-togethers with relatives, but hate the dreaded career questions that follow. And as much as we try, we can never escape them. If you’re searching for internships or looking for full-time positions, we have you covered with a complete survival guide to answer all those holiday career questions.

Survival tip #1: Use school as an alternative topic

If you’re trying to avoid career talk this is a perfect opportunity to talk about all the great things that are going on at school. This is the time to talk about clubs or organizations you are involved in and what you are doing with these organizations. Bringing up your major is another great conversation topic. Talk about the classes you have taken toward your major and what you have learned and enjoyed throughout the semester. Volunteer events, intramural sports, concerts on campus and OHIO athletics are also great holiday topics.

Survival tip #2: Turn the tables and talk about them

As much as we love our relatives, we know that they are nosey. Refer to survival tip #1 to start out the conversation and if that doesn’t work, talk about them. Ask them questions about their job, hobbies they have picked up, or what their family is up to. This is an opportunity to turn the tables on your relatives. And, you never know, they might end up giving you some great “real life” advice.

Survival tip #3: Keep it short and simple

If you are at a holiday party, it’s more than likely you will be asked the same question about a dozen times. Your best bet to avoid the career talk is to keep it short and simple. For example, “The career/ internship search is going well, I have been applying and enjoying the process.” This way you cover your entire basis about the topic of career and can move on to a different conversation. Just make sure to change the subject before Aunt Suzie gets another word in.

Survival Tip # 4: If Survival tips 1, 2, & 3 don’t work

If you made it to survival tip # 4 don’t worry this survival guide has not failed you yet. The last tip is to embrace the career talk and say “I’ve applied to be Beyoncé but am still waiting to hear back.”

GIF courtesy of PopSugar

Career talk during the holidays is always a sticky conversation. Use this survival guide to control the conversation during the holidays and keep your mind at ease!

By Natalie Chatterton, CLDC Public Relations Intern

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