What is your major at OHIO? Communication Studies

What was the title and location of your summer internship? Events, Marketing, and Sales Intern at Crain’s Cleveland Business


What were your responsibilities as an intern?

I had many different responsibilities. First, as the sales intern, I assisted in creating leads for potential clients and created new marketing tactics to help the sales team achieve more goals. In the marketing sector, I helped our Marketing Manager create a “Best Practices” powerpoint for our Journalist which helped with the RNC. Majority of my time was spent with the Events Coordinator and Manager where I managed all of our registration for events. Individually, our events had over 800 attendees. I assisted with social media, registration, customer/client satisfaction, site visits in preparation for events. The list could go on!

How did you go about getting this internship?

I actually networked a year in advance for this internship. I went on Crain’s Cleveland Business’s website and found the Events Manager and Marketing Manager (who both went to OHIO) and emailed them asking them to meet with them and learn from them. I just was really persistent with emails and it led to an interview.

What was your greatest challenge in finding an internship?

The biggest challenge had to be the timing. Although I remained persistent I got lucky with the timing. I was first told that they did not take summer internships and since I was persistent they were willing to give me a chance. So overall, the challenge was just timing of when companies (in general) need interns.

What did you learn/gain from your summer internship experience?

I learned so much from this internship. I learned how to work efficiently in teams and in a fast-paced environment. I learned how corporate events need all aspects of a company to reach client satisfaction and the overall company goals. Personally, I gained a real-life first-hand experience of something that I can see myself doing after graduation this spring.

What was your favorite summer memory?

This summer, I had the opportunity to travel abroad with my family. We went to London and Wales. It was probably the best family vacation ever. We bonded while we saw different historical sites and other landmarks.
All photos courtesy of Hannah Hershfield

What do you hope to be doing professionally after graduation?

After graduation, I really hope to be doing exactly what I did at Crain’s. I really love all aspects of corporate events and public relations. So I am hoping to find a job that incorporates both PR and events.

Without worrying about how realistic it may be, what is your dream job and why?

My dream job would have to be being the public relations liaison or events manager for a huge agency in the entertainment industry.

What advice would you give fellow Bobcats seeking internships?

My advice would be, do not be afraid to be persistent with potential employers. It only helps you in the long run.

Connect with Hannah on LinkedIn.

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