Photos courtesy of Thread Magazines, Madline Grube, and professional fashion tips courtesy of

The CLDC has paired with Thread Magazine to give women three professional attire options.

With Winter Break around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to add professional clothing to your wardrobe. This could be the perfect thing to ask for around the holidays. It’s important to make sure you are prepared for interviews, whether it’s for an internship or a full-time job.

According to The Balance, these are the “Formal Dress Code Guidelines” –

In a formal business environment, the standard of dressing for men and women is a suit, a jacket, and pants or a skirt, or a dress paired with appropriate accessories.

Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, your back, your chest, your feet, your stomach or your underwear is not appropriate for a place of business. In our work environment, clothing should be pressed and never wrinkled. Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is unacceptable. All seams must be finished. Any clothing that has words, terms, or pictures that may be offensive to other employees is unacceptable.

Look 1

Photo taken by Madeline Grube

For Skirts, Dresses, and Skirted Suits according to The Balance:

Dresses, skirts, skirts with jackets, dressy two-piece knit suits or sets, and skirts that are split at or below the knee are acceptable. Dress and skirt length should be at a length at which you can sit comfortably in public.

Short, tight skirts that ride halfway up the thigh are inappropriate for work. Mini-skirts, skorts, sun dresses, beach dresses, and spaghetti-strap dresses are inappropriate for the office.

Look 2

Photo taken by Madeline Grube

Shirts, Tops, Blouses and Jackets according to The Balance:

Shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, tops, and turtlenecks are acceptable attire for work if they contribute to the appearance of formal, professional dress. Most suit jackets or sports coats are also desirable attire for the office. Inappropriate attire for work includes tank tops; midriff tops; shirts with potentially offensive words, terms, logos, pictures, cartoons, or slogans; halter-tops; tops with bare shoulders or plunging necklines; golf-type shirts; sweatshirts; and t-shirts.

Look 3

Photo taken by Madeline Grube

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