What is your major at OHIO?

Integrated Media, Minor in Marketing and Social Media Certificate

What was the title and location of your summer internship?

The Shark Group located in Times Square in New York City

What were your responsibilities as an intern?

I was the Social Media and Digital Marketing Intern for Shark Group. Shark Group is a marketing consulting firm founded by Daymond John from ABC’s hit television show Shark Tank. There, I was in charge of taking all of the products Daymond John invested in and built their social media presence on a variety of different platforms. Not only did I create, maintain and expand their social media presence but I was also in charge of increasing their following by using RSS to find like-minded people, creating biweekly content calendars, generating analytical summaries to discuss with clients on a weekly basis, scheduling content and teaming with the Graphic Design department to create new, eye-catching content.

How did you go about getting this internship?

I found this internship on LinkedIn by typing in either “Social Media Intern” or “Digital Marketing Intern” because I knew that’s what I wanted more experience in. I then filtered what I was looking for. I limited my choices to Summer 2016 and New York City.

What was your greatest challenge in finding an internship?

My greatest challenge to finding an internship was having high hopes for any connections I had. It took me a while to realize that just because I had certain connections within amazing companies, didn’t mean I was guaranteed an internship there. Often, those companies didn’t need an intern for my desired position or I needed a summer’s worth of experience prior.

What did you learn/gain from your summer internship experience?

Everything really does work out. You have to trust the process. Sometimes, a company you never heard of or dreamt of working for is the place you’ll gain the most hands-on experience.

What is your favorite summer memory?

At the end of the summer founder, Daymond John threw a party for all of the interns. We got to hear his incredible life story, ask him questions, take pictures and just reminisce about the summer as a whole. That alone was an amazing opportunity that I’ll never forget.
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Sider

What do you hope to be doing professionally after graduation?

I hope to move back to New York and work at a media company in their Social Media and/or Marketing Department.

Without worrying about how realistic it may be, what is your dream job and why?

I hope to be the Manager of Digital & Social Media Marketing for MTV. I have always dreamed of working at Viacom, MTV specifically. Not only are their platforms really engaging but as a company, I feel they are corporate with a startup culture.

What advice would you give fellow Bobcats seeking internships?

Go into the process with an open mind, network and constantly be on the lookout because new listings come and go every day.

Rachel’s summer memories:


Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.


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