What is your major at OHIO?

Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development

What was the title and location of your summer internship?

Sales Intern at Trunk Club Headquarters in Chicago

What were your responsibilities as an intern?

My responsibilities ranged anywhere from calling a client to come in for an appointment to brainstorming with a group of interns about how to expand the company. Each intern shadowed a team of stylists and worked alongside them helping to identify prospective clients and enhance communications with existing clients. The internship was basically “trial” for what I would be doing if I were to come back and work for the company full-time, so the responsibilities and the workload were very real.

How did you go about getting this internship?

I mainly utilized LinkedIn when searching for an internship. I connected with Bobcat alumni and recruiters in companies and cities that I was interested in and just sent them a quick message asking to learn more about their company. After connecting with a recruiter from Trunk Club, I visited their office in Chicago over winter break for an interview and got the position.

What was your greatest challenge in finding an internship?

My greatest challenge was dealing with rejection from companies or positions I was really excited about. Getting an internship is competitive, but there are so many opportunities out there, you just have to be willing to work hard and put yourself out there.

What did you learn/gain from your summer internship experience?

A great thing about working in a “start-up” atmosphere like Trunk Club is that the sky is the limit. There was never a time during my internship where I felt like I was not learning or fine-tuning a valuable life skill. From thinking outside of the box to moving to a new city by myself to doing a job every day that I wasn’t really sure I was even good at; the entire experience was something to learn from. An internship is an invaluable experience that I would recommend everyone to take on before going out into the workforce.

What do you hope to be doing professionally after graduation?

I hope to be working in the Merchandising/Buying industry in Chicago.

Without worrying about how realistic it may be, what is your dream job and why?

A celebrity stylist for A-listers! Nothing would be more fun than playing the behind the scenes looks that walk down those red carpets.

What advice would you give fellow Bobcats seeking internships?

If you are interested in a position or a company, don’t be shy about reaching out to alumni or someone you know in a company to learn more. Bobcats love helping other Bobcats, so don’t be afraid to use your network to put you ahead of the game.

Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn.


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