Preparing to meet a possible future employer can be very nerve-wracking. Whether it is a job interview, networking event, or even a coffee meet-up, it is super important to bring your A game.

With the Fall Career & Internship Fair right around the corner, it’s so crucial to make sure you are on top of it.

Here are a list of self-prep tips before meeting your potential future employers.

1. Know your stuff.

Look up the companies you are interested in talking to. Have a general understanding of the company before you talk to them. You will stand out way more to employers if you act like you know your stuff.

2. Study your own resume. And have lots of copies ready!

It’s just as important to study yourself as it is to study the company. You need to know how to talk about yourself to employers and relate your experiences to the job description.

3. Look nice.

Looking presentable is key. Take a shower, brush your teeth, do your hair. You get the picture.  It’s always better to be more dressed up. Business Professional is appropriate. Check out our website for professional attire tips.

4. Keep your energy up.

Make sure you eat a good breakfast, drink coffee, listen to a motivational playlist or do whatever it takes you to get your energy up. If you have an energetic, positive attitude, it will show employers you are exited to be there.

5. Make conversation!

You are there to make a valuable connection. Don’t answer with one word. Start a conversation and show them how awesome you are. This is a great way to make you stand out. It will also help employers remember you when writing a follow up email or letter.

6. Ask intelligent questions.

Come prepared with questions. This is a great time to find out things you really want to know. Don’t ask about what the company does or where they are located. These are things you can find out from their website.

7. Go out and ROCK IT BOBCATS!

‘Nuff said.

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