What is your major at OHIO?

Communication Studies, focus area in events and marketing

What was the title and location of your summer internship?

Hangout Music Festival Intern in Gulf Shores, Alabama and Event Coordinator Assistant for Bridgehampton Benefit in Southampton, New York

How did you go about getting this internship?

I applied to my internship with Hangout Music Festival after researching a number of festivals and applying based off what seemed appealing to me. For my event coordinator assistant internship, I stumbled upon it after working on Long Island two summers prior, so I found an event coordinator who needed help this summer through indeed.com.

What was your greatest challenge in finding an internship?

The greatest challenge was applying to a number of places and not hearing back; however, I knew that if I did not apply to as many as I could, I would regret not trying in the first place.

What did you learn/gain from your summer internship experience?

I learned the importance of networking and talking to people about what you are truly passionate about. You never know who may have a connection in the industry that you are looking to be in, so by putting yourself out there, you may be surprised on what opportunities can arise. In addition, I learned time management, essential event planning skills, and the importance of collaboration.

What do you hope to be doing professionally after graduation?

I hope to be in the event planning/promotional industry, specifically something involving music.

Without worrying about how realistic it may be, what is your dream job and why?

My dream job is to be a tour manager for a musical artist or band. The idea of traveling on the road and being surrounded by music has always been a goal of mine. Just the thought of helping to plan and manage concert appearances and whatnot would be awesome.

“Never assume that something is a stretch.” – Madison Hendricks

What advice would you give fellow Bobcats seeking internships?

When searching for internships, never assume that something is a stretch. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, conduct informational interviews with people in the industry you want to be in, and utilize any connections you have made.

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