Go on, admit it. You came to school this year with the “I’m going to be less stressed this year” mindset.

That’s usually how it goes. A new year or a new semester often times means new goals. It’s easy to say “I’m going to stay organized” or “This year, I am not going to be as stressed as I normally am” or  “I’m going to prioritize.” The hard part is actually doing it.

The first few weeks of a new semester are all about learning your new schedule and finding ways to make it as functional as possible. Classes are just the first part. Mixing work and extra-curricular activities in sometimes makes it impossible to see room for free time.

As the third or fourth week roll around, you realize you haven’t got things as figured out as you thought you would. Then, the stress hits. The freak outs and mental breakdowns begin. This stress can cause health problems. But, Kelly McGonigal tells us that it doesn’t have to be that way.

She says we can make stress our friend. Find out the funny trick to how… and don’t let stress be the reason for your health suffers.

“Stress gives us access to our heart.” – Kelly McGonigal

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