As the start of a new year at Ohio University draws near, it’s time to start thinking about what extracurricular activities you want to involve yourself in.  Although it is extremely important to engage in groups that align with your major and career goal, it is also crucial to indulge in activities that simply make you happy.  Practicing your hobbies is a key part of the college experience.  OU has so many opportunities for doing so, however, here are a few suggestions:

If you like service:service.gif

  • Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity that helps out the OU campus, the Athens community, the country and the fraternity.
  • Creative Expressions is a faculty supported, student-run organization which dedicates time and effort to working with children within the Athens community schools through the Arts and Inclusion
  • Student Social Work Association serves, educates, and promotes activism in the field of social welfare and prepares students for the professional field of social work.
  • BobcaThon is a year-long fundraiser to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio that leads up to a 12-hour dance marathon, bringing the OU community together.
  • Better Bystanders works to make Ohio University a safe place by educating our campus community about bystander intervention in order to prevent sexual violence.

If you like music:pretty.gif

  • The Singing Men of Ohio is a singing ensemble of 80 undergraduate and graduate students drawn from all majors of the institution.
  • The Tempo Tantrums is an all female a cappella group.
  • The Ukulele Club is for those to learn popular songs and play in large and small group settings.
  • The All-Campus Radio Network is an all student-run college radio station broadcasting from Ohio University on high bandwidth, playing a “college rock” form

If you like recreation:rec.gif

  • The Billiard’s Club gives students of all expertise levels the chance to play pool among others in a friendly, fun setting.
  • The Recreation Club exposes students to new and adventurous and group bonding activities including, but not limited to: Backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing ,board games, movie nights, skiing, and crafts.
  • Club Quidditch, based off the sport in Harry Potter, is a full contact, fast paced game and one of the newest club sports on campus.
  • The Running Club provides companionship and a competitive atmosphere for runners at OU.

If you like to write:writing.gif

  • Her Campus is an online publication geared towards females that issues new content weekly, plans events, and engages in fundraising and community service.
  • Thread Magazine is a quarterly online fashion magazine directed at both men and women.
  • Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) offers members beneficial relationships with public relations practitioners that facilitate the learning, acquiring and development of professional skills.
  • College Green Magazine is an independent online publication dedicated to bringing the most provocative and engaging environmental news.

If you like the performing arts:performin

If you want to try something different:lets weird.gif

  • Ohio University Hovercraft Club engages students in various social activities and is centered around teamwork and creative problem solving with the construction of hovercraft.
  • Hammock Club is a fun group of people who like hanging out! We hammock all over campus in various wooded areas, and often will go on off campus hiking trips ending at a scenic hammock spot.
  • The Athens Wargamers is a club where role-playing games, card games, and wargames are played.

Now, although these are all great options, this is just the start! Ohio University has almost 500 student organizations to get involved in! Get on OrgSync and check out the rest to find what’s right for you!  


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