What is your major at OHIO? Applied Nutrition Major with concentration in Dietitics

AK 1Tell us about your summer internship? I have an internship for nutrition. It is Medical Nutrition Therapy practicum with the Cleveland Clinic.I hope to gain and improve my knowledge in nutrition and dietetics. I want to be able to improve my professionalism within my field. I hope to be able to set myself apart from others entering the field and I hope to gain more connections and people to look up to.  

How did you go about getting this internship? I cold called several hospitals in my area in Cleveland and my dream was to get clinical experience with the Cleveland Clinic. After calling and getting the contact of the head of the education department , I then emailed them and provided a resume, cover letter and references. The cover letter explained what I hoped to accomplish within a practicum at Cleveland Clinic. The main reference was from my mentor and adviser in a student organization I am part of and it helped me get my foot in the door. After receiving the internship I maintained contact with Cleveland Clinic since and the internship has a late start in July. 

Who or what resources helped you in the internship search process? The Student Alumni Board – Professional Development Committee, the Career and Leadership Development Center, my nutrition adviser Deb Murray, friends and so many other resources. 

What do you hope to be doing professionally after graduation? I will pursue my masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and another internship to make me a good candidate. Then I would like to be a Registered Dietitian. The overall goal, is to help people be happy and healthy within their food choices and everyday life.    

What is your dream job and why? There are several dreams I have regarding my future. After becoming a Registered Dietitian, I would like to continue to work clinically in the hospital setting. I would love to be a Registered Dietitian for a professional sports team or to the celebrities and movie stars. I see myself living in California being a Registered Dietitian and helping people love the food they eat and the life they live. 

What advice would you give fellow Bobcats seeking internships? Be yourself and work hard, you are amazing and do not let anyone or anything let you think otherwise. 



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