Graduation date: 2014


Areas of study while enrolled at OU: Strategic Communication Major, Business Minor — Focused in Public Relationstheresa3.jpg


Current professional role: Account Executive at Edelman (Communications Marketing Agency)


How has your academic or extracurricular experience impacted your career path?


Being a member of PRSSA at Ohio University connected me with other public relations majors who would eventually move to Chicago. I was actually referred to Edelman by someone I met while in PRSSA… and now she is my manager!

The connections you make while in school can be as invaluable to your professional career as they were to mine. Aside from the networking opportunities my extracurricular involvement gave me, being an executive board member in multiple student organizations taught me the necessary skills to work in an office and play on a team.


What, if anything, has surprised you about the direction your career path has taken?

I am currently in my second job. Being only two years out of school, I never expected to move companies so quickly. However, sometimes opportunities come up that you cannot pass up. I would encourage all recent graduates to take similar risks and look for opportunities to continue to learn. Don’t get stagnant in your career.


What was the biggest challenge you faced during the job-search process and how did you overcome that?

When I was first applying for jobs and internships, I was applying to companies in Boston and Chicago. Being remote, it was difficult to connect with companies and get an interview. I utilized connections I had made in those cities to connect with the right people. Again, networking was essential to my success.


What is your favorite thing about post-grad life?

That’s a tough question! I would say it’s a mixture of many things. First, I love being theresaautonomous and independent. Second, I love being able to apply the lessons I learned while at Ohio University in my career. Third, I love connecting with other OU alumni in my city — there is something uniquely special about meeting a bobcat outside of Athens. Finally, going hOUme is absolutely amazing. There’s nothing like walking on the bricks that built you after being away for a while.


If you could go back and tell your college-self one thing, what would it be?

Get more sleep! I know it’s fun to load up your schedule with extracurriculars, intramurals, class, and a social life, but come on! You can’t skip your 9-5. Also, when you’re stressing out about a grade or getting an internship, relax and keep working hard. Things will work out. Oh, and read more. Read everything and anything. .

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