It’s almost July and you’re starting to feel that mid-summer slump…Can you believe there are still two more months until a new school year begins?  Although we all enjoy the much-needed break, it’s hard not to long for the productivity of our usual routine.  When you’re feeling this way, that may mean it’s time to get a little charged up.

Here are 4 ways to start feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the rest of the summer:

De-clutter your space


Clear space, clear mind.  When you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, there’s no better way to get yourself out than by organizing your belongings.  There are several ways to go about this.  Clean those spots in your house that don’t normally get attention. Find new creative ways to store your belongings.  Go through your closet and get rid of those things that never get any use.  Completing steps like these will bring clarity to your physical space, which will, in turn, leave you feeling mentally rejuvenated.

Cleanse your body with a detox

health food.jpg

Never underestimate the power of healthy eating. When feeling down, take care of your insides first and it will be sure to shine through on the outside! Try out a new detox! For example, spend a few days on a diet restricted to only fruits and veggies and lots and lots of water. This will improve your system, boost your energy levels, and empower you to take on the world!

Get more sleep

We all know that sensation of being so bored and longing for activity, but feeling too exhausted to do anything about it.  This is a major reason that we find ourselves lying on the couch throughout some of these long summer days.  Instead of staying up till 1AM watching sitcom reruns, get to bed earlier and wake up with new found energy that will equip you to take on the day!

Avoid negativity


Absolutely nothing good can come from pessimism.  If you’re looking to recharge, a major key is to consciously purge your mind and life of negative thoughts and individuals.  Pay close attention to who you are spending time with and notice whether or not they spread positive vibes to your life.  Make sure to focus on the blessings and good things surrounding you, rather than dwelling on the bad.  Do this correctly and there’s no way you’ll stay in that slump for too long.

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