The days of resumes and paper portfolios are slowly coming to an end.  Although these things are important to have on hand, they won’t give you that WOW factor that will help you stand out in a recruiter’s memory.  With the growing importance of web presence in the professional world, a personal website is the way to get ahead and get that dream job!

Why are these such beneficial tools?

  • Employer’s WILL google you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some control over the content they find when they do so?
  • Websites are dynamic and ever-changing.  The second that you accomplish something new, you’re able to update your page!
  • It shows that you are tech. savvy and up-to-date with internet trends.
  • With more freedom for creativity and the ability to add images, it is an exceptional way to create a personal brand.

If you care about your career success and want to land the job of your dreams, this is a must!

What more convincing do you need?

For step by step directions and guidelines on how to create a personal website, check out College Info Geek‘s Thomas Frank’s Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website.

thomas frank

Not interested in creating your own domain? If so, here are some of the best platforms that will host your online portfolio!

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