Graduation date: 2015


Areas of study while enrolled at OU: Finance and Music


Current professional role: Financial Analyst at J.P. Morgan



How has your academic or extracurricular experience impacted your career path?

Throughout my four years at OU I learned what subjects I enjoy more than others which then led me to my current career path. Taking classes in a variety of different subjects allowed me to better understand what I am passionate about. Once I realized I wanted to pursue the business track I got involved in different extracurricular activities that revolved around my interests. These included Select Leaders, Student Equity Management Group, and Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity. Joining these groups allowed me to take a deeper dive in subjects that I enjoy but also helped me find a job come senior year.


What, if anything, has surprised you about the direction your career path has taken?

The biggest surprise in my career path so far is realizing that when things don’t go to plan that its definitely not the end of the road. We always try to plan out our career path step by step but change is inevitable. Just have to keep going forward.


What was the biggest challenge you faced during the job-search process and how did you overcome that?

The hardest part of the job-search was getting in the door. But through lots of networking and calling amazing alumni getting in the door becomes easy. Coming from OU which is now always a target school for major companies, many people assume we are non-material. This is our greatest advantage. Being an underdog allows us to have nothing to loose and allowed me to show that I have a personality and am competent of doing the job at hand. At the end of the day, most people root for the underdog anyway.


What is your favorite thing about post-grad life?DSP

The best thing about post-grad life is having a clean house and kitchen. What makes Athens amazing other than the food and scenery are the people and if all goes well those you will stay friends with these people and probably still live with them after college. That’s what makes the post-grad life so enjoyable. Having cash-flow is nice too!


If you could go back and tell your college-self one thing, what would it be?

Get involved early. It may feel awkward jumping into things with a bunch of older kids but life is awkward, so get to college green and put your email down on as many sheets as possible. OU is like nothing else and nothing will every be like the four years spent in Athens. Four years go by way to fast and sometimes we forget how truly amazing OU is. Big mammas at 2am is totally okay, you’ll have plenty of years to eat overpriced food after graduation.

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